We are LABsterzz: a team of two developers (Anca, Bogdan) who have built an app of English Grammar tests – daily English Grammar training based on answering hundreds of questions.


Why did we do this? Well, we looked for an Android app that could be used on a daily basis for  English grammar self-training. And what did we find? A lot of apps with an average of ten questions per test, without any basic reminder of grammar rules and in such bold colors that they made our eyes sore! Very little in the way of supporting a serious attempt to train yourself.
After two months of work in the evenings, (after office hours), August 12th,2014 was the launch day of our first ever Android app – English Grammar Test! It’s a free, useful and user-friendly app, and it can now be found in the Google Play Store in 4th position (if you search using “English Grammar Test”) and in 8th position (if you search using “English test”).


More than 90.000 people all over the world have downloaded our app so far; over 25.000 people are using it, almost 1500 users reviewed it and rated it at 4.3 (5 being the maximum and 4.0 being the average for our competition). 1.6% of those who downloaded English Grammar Test’ rated it! Thanks to all of their feedback, we are conounsly improving our app.


What can you get from our English Grammar Test’ app? You get:

–   short English grammar lessons about verb tense rules, articles, prepositions, idioms, time & weather, animals, farm and wild,  with samples in the “Learning” menu section;

–   the only app that offers you the possibility of doing tests with 30 random questions, all of them against time. This feature helps prepare you for a real English exam;

–   the test result at the end, so you know how good you are, what your success rate is  – and what your English level is;

–    gold, silver and bronze medals to make it more challenging for users and their friends;

–    a ’wrong answer’ list, so that you learn from every test;

–    the ability to track your progress, based on your ’Evolution’ table;

–    the option of sharing your results on most important social network sites with just one click.


English Grammar Test is a great free tool if you are preparing for TOEFLIELTS, TOEICmajor English certification exams, or any test of English proficiency.


Where can you find it? On Google Play, at this address: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.labsterzz.english_tests


This is our success story, to be shared with other people and, hopefully, to inspire them!!


Thanks for your time.

LABsterzz Team (LABsterzz@gmail.com)


Youtube Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VMYLhDO3j-U